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Chapter 5: Surgery of the Eyelids

  1. Eyelid tacking and entropion repair (using sutures or staples)
  2. Temporary tarsorrhaphy (in the dog)
  3. Entropion repair (Hotz-Celsus procedure)
  4. V-Plasty (in the dog)
  5. V-Plasty- a fabric model demonstration
  6. Four-sided excision for eyelid neoplasm in the dog (no audio)
  7. Medial canthoplasty in the dog
  8. Full-thickness Wedge Resection the dog- Esson
  9. Blepharoplasty for Cicatricial Ectropion in the horse
  10. Canine medial canthoplasty- a new technique- Saito
  11. Hotz-Celsus Procedure (for Correction of Entropion in the Dog)- Esson